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Mindset, Education, and Positive Expectations


The Pygmalion Effect & the Power of Positive Expectations

Describes Rosenthal’s Pygmalion effect. Teachers told that randomly selected students were about to experience an intellectual growth spurt. These student actually experienced a significant boost in performance because of the teacher’s expectations

A Message from our Students

The 11th and 12th grade students in our HIP Education Foothill pilot class worked with us in developing our materials for a year, and also taught a 10 week course on conformity, mindset and the love of learning to 6th graders. This is the video they made about their experience.

The Jigsaw Classroom

Describes the jigsaw classroom paradigm in which each child is assigned to an expert group that is responsible for one part of each day’s lesson. Each group then teaches each other group, which encourages cooperation, friendship, and group success.