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Obedience to Authority


Stanley Milgram: Obedience to Authority

Classic footage of Millgram’s obedience experiment, in which ordinary people are convinced to administer electric shocks to a helpless stranger

Obeying a Man in a Uniform

A man in a non-specific uniform gets strangers to change how they walk, jump in place, litter, etc. The same man in plain clothes is treated like he is crazy for making the same requests.

Cult Mentality

An Introduction to cult behavior. Interviews prior Moon cult member and explains the power of the situation in influencing behavior. Describes thought stopping.

Fast Food Strip Search

(Mature Content: contains a description of sexual abuse). In response to voice on the phone claiming to be a police officer, a McDonald manager strip searches an 18 year old employee. The same man has convinced over 60 other managers across the country to perform similar acts.