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Our Current Research

Most of our experimental designs involve delivering one or more of  our interventions to high school or college undergraduates and testing: 1) our assessment instrument, 2) the effects of the intervention on direct outcomes, and in some cases, 3) their effect on longer term outcomes (such as GPA).

We are currently conducting research in the following areas:

6 topical interventions targeting key psychological processes

Research on the 8 activity framework itself

-How can it be improved or made more efficient?
-Can this framework be used to design effective interventions around other constructs?

2 combined intervention strategies to address social problems

We are also beginning to explore how these interventions can be combined and modified to address social problems containing psychological dynamics. The research designs for these areas are currently still in development.


Strategic Research Framework

For each of these 9 research areas, we have potentially 4 components to explore:

A) Assessment instrument/scale validation
-does the scale factor well?
-do people who score high and low on the scales show correspondingly high/low behavior regarding the construct of interest?
-do the interventions change psychometric ratings? (e.g. are we getting significant changes on mindset scales after the mindset intervention?)

B) Direct outcomes (behavior/mindset/social awareness)
-after the intervention, do participants’ rates of the target behavior actually change? (e.g. are people who go through our bystander inhibition intervention more likely to help in bystander situations?)

C) Longitudinal outcomes
-months and years after the intervention, do participants experience lasting positive outcomes? (e.g. do students who receive our mindset intervention achieve higher rates of academic achievement?)

D) Cross-construct studies
-these explore the relationships between constructs of interest. (e.g. mindset and adaptive attributions.)