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Education Impact Report : 2013


1) Training Professors and Students of Psychology to Deliver HIP’s Educational Interventions
in Schools as Service Learning (ongoing)

psi beta

In a series of sessions throughout the fall semester of 2012, HIP personnel trained six college professors and their students on how to perform
a service-learning project where key concepts from social psychology are used to bring about positive social change – with a focus on bullying
and a developing a growth mindset (Encouraging students to believe they can improve and succeed with effort). These trainings were videotaped for distribution and use among all 140 Psi Beta (the national honor society of Community College Honor students) chapters nationwide for the 2013-14 academic year. Since then, dozens of student teaching teams have delivered HIP’s programs to hundreds of students and youths in a
series of ongoing workshops.

2) The 2013 Western Psychological Association National Conference (Reno, Nevada)

wpaDr. Zimbardo and the HIP education team delivered three of our workshops at the WPA conference this year in Reno. The first was an exploration into how social psychology can be used to solve real-world problems in education. The second
was for teachers and researchers, and explored the science behind the Dickerson-Zimbardo “eight-activity” intervention framework developed at HIP. The third was
a two-hour, hands-on experiential training workshop on the power of the growth mindset for both students and teachers.

3) The 2013 American Psychological Association National Conference (Honolulu, Hawaii)

APADr. Zimbardo and HIP’s education team presented a series of symposia at the APA conference this year in Honolulu. Dr. Zimbardo presented on time perspective and heroism, and our education and research team presented on the value of growth mindset programs in two sessions: one centered on the benefits of students understanding mindset and one for teachers. The Heroic Imagination Project’s Partnership with Psi Beta was developed more fully along with plans to include into our network the National Psychology Honor Society for colleges and universities, Psi Chi.

4) Massanutten Military Academy (Woodstock, Virginia)

untitled (2)Since the summer of 2013, HIP is helping Massanutten Military Academy to undergo a major cultural transformation involving training their entire staff and student body in our programs. So far, HIP’s  education team has been on site for a total of four days, delivering the following workshops to various audiences and constituencies, with the objective of bringing about positive organizational and cultural change:

–Training School Administrators Workshop
–Training Student Leaders Workshop
–Training Faculty and Staff Workshop

5) Western Reserve Academy (Ohio)

wraSince August 29, 2013, HIP’s  education team has worked
closely with key staff members and teachers to design a
six-unit course on heroic leadership for the school’s
freshman class which will be implemented in the
current fall semester.

6) HIP Undergraduate Research Internship Program (ongoing)

InternsIn the summer of 2013, HIP began our research internship program,
in which a number of students from Stanford and the UC Berkeley
are trained to deliver our programs, as well as to help research
program outcomes and develop new materials.


1) A Full Day Workshop to School Principals, Teachers, and Psychologists (Tijuana, Mexico)

Mex“How to Use Knowledge of the Bystander Effect to Create Everyday Heroes in your School.”
HIP has been active in Mexico over the last year. So far we have delivered one major
experiential workshop, giving educators a chance to apply what they learned about
bystander dynamics to the issues of school violence and bullying in secondary
schools, and we are in dialogue regarding next steps.

2) Make a Difference Foundation: September 27-29, 2013 (Hong Kong)

HKHIP is currently in Hong Kong to help bring our educational approach to the region. HIP personnel have been working closely with leaders of the Make a Difference Foundation to deliver two transformational workshops:

–The “Master Class” Three Hour Workshop
–The “Psychology of Growth” (A two-day workshop for 1600 college students from all over Asia)

Several similar talks are currently being scheduled.

3) ”HIP in Sweden” Workshops for Educators and Psychologists: October 30–November 1, 2103 (Gothenburg) 

SweedenHIP education and administrative teams will tackle the issue of school bullying and racial tensions in Sweden by training educators (school principals and psychologists) and drawing on its “beyond bullying” and “leadership” lessons (as well as its programs for reducing prejudice and discrimination), along with training in our “psychology of growth” modules including:

–Training educators and psychologists to become presenters.
–Training student leaders.
–Workshop to train trainers.