Technology Solutions for the Scholarly Community

With 1700 scholarly journals and thousands of scholarly books, HighWire provides powerful technology solutions to  influential societies, university presses and independent publishers who produce high-impact journals, books, and other scholarly publications. HighWire offers:

  • Digital content development and hosting services
  • Highly customizable peer-review manuscript submission system
  • Flexible publisher tools and co-development partnerships
  • Evidence-based strategic advice and project management


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Mission Statement

HighWire's mission is to extend the reach, impact, and exchange of scholarly ideas through innovative technology, exceptional service, and community engagement.


HighWire by the Numbers

Publications: 3546
Articles: 7,100,000
Free full-text articles: 2,344,449


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Simplify, Manage, Connect

High Visibility. High Impact. HighWire.

Our unique, highly discoverable open platform allows for easy configuration and integration of mobile, analytics, ecommerce, semantic technologies and more.

  • World-class hosting platform 
  • Powerful content ingestion system with self service administration tools
  • Cutting-edge discoverability and dissemination
  • Unmatched publisher community
  • Expert service & support

"Our productivity is due in a large part to HighWire's  hands-on customer service  model. HighWire provides  us with the inspiration and  expertise we need to help drive innovation."

Bob Howard, Executive Director SAGE Journals US

"Absolutely key to our success story is that HighWire’s platform is extremely open and flexible, and with it our ability to meet a whole host of future demands."

Ian Hopwood, IT Director, BMJ Publishing Group

Thousands of publications. Millions of articles.

HighWire's massive research portal and its upcoming Stackly product put researchers in touch with the knowledge they require.

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Personalize your discovery experience by receiving alerts when:

  • New issues are published
  • An article is cited 
  • New articles match your keyword search

Browse HighWire-hosted content by: Topic | Publisher | Title

  • Set up alerts relevant to your research, or to be notified when particular authors are published or mentioned
  • Create your own "My Favorites" list to easily limit your search options to the top publications in your field
  • In one-click, sign-in to all your personal subscriptions
  • Use the multi-publisher subscription management tools available only to library administrators

"HighWire seamlessly consolidates management of high quality independent publishers and their titles. Their constant feature developments represent the best of what technology has to offer users of an e-journal collection — bar none."  

Jason Price, Claremont Colleges


HighWire supports many of the world's highest impact scholarly publications.

Our Products

Open Platform

The HighWire Open Platform enables publishers to repurpose, integrate and monetize content within their HighWire hosted publications and beyond.
By harnessing the power of open source technology, the HighWire Open Platform provides societies and publishers with options and choice that allow them to adapt to meet new business goals and readership demands. They can easily connect different content types inside and across platforms and integrate with best-of–breed platform-based vertical products and services.
Additionally, the platform enables the promotion and management of user interaction with society and publisher content thereby increasing the visibility and discoverability of content in a way that supports user workflows, society missions, and publisher business. 
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Bench > Press

Bench>Press is HighWire's end-to-end solution for scholarly manuscript submission, editorial tracking, peer review and production tracking. Designed to integrate easily with HighWire's online publishing services, Bench>Press provides publishers with the industry's highest level of workflow configuration flexibility. By centralizing your editorial and production workflows through intelligent integrations, Bench>Press lowers administrative costs and dramatically reduces time to publication while providing best-in-class configurability to match the workflow your organization demands.

Since 2001, Bench>Press has provided small, medium and large publishers with a variety of options for getting online and improving editorial efficiency. Extending the benefits of HighWire's strong community and industry leading customer service, Bench>Press has played a hands-on, personalized role in helping its customers drive the evolution of scholarly peer review and publication.

  • Industry-leading workflow flexibility and site customization
  • Direct integration with HighWire hosting
  • Integration with key industry utilities and downstream services
  • Intelligent architecture for long-term adaptability
  • Highest available level of consultation and personalized customer support
  • Sophisticated automation for efficient manuscript processing