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Stories About Passion

Passion brings learning to life.

Passion motivates and animates. It kindles intellectual curiosity and stimulates action. Passion gets a scientist up early in the morning and keeps an artist working late into the night. It’s the reason to begin and the reminder to persist.

At Stanford, passion drives professors and students in every corner of campus. It fuels their dedication to their work and pushes them to take risks and forge new ground.

This is a place where people love what they do.

Whether it’s an intense connection to an idea, cutting-edge research, or the commitment to improve the world—it all starts with passion.

In the School of Humanities and Sciences, passion propels scholars beyond boundaries and toward discovery.

  • Josh WongJosh Wong
    Josh Wong, ’10, is determined to improve the health of underserved communities around the world. As a Human Biology student at Stanford, Wong’s self-designed concentration was on public health, global infectious diseases, and social justice. Wong says he wanted to… Read more
  • Tommy TobinTommy Tobin
    Tommy Tobin, ’10, is committed to giving back to his community through research and social entrepreneurship. When he was a child, his father was stricken with a debilitating neurological disorder, which left a lifelong imprint on the family’s well-being. Years… Read more
  • Chase MendenhallChase Mendenhall
    As a doctoral student in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Program, Mendenhall works closely with professors Gretchen Daily and Paul Ehrlich in the Center for Conservation Biology. His primary interest is understanding the tradeoffs between the conservation of biodiversity and… Read more
  • Jhanvi ShriramJhanvi Shriram
    Jhanvi Shriram, ’10 explores the intersection of democracy and media through the lens of a camera. As a political science major and African studies minor at Stanford, Shriram dedicated her time to understanding how film can affect policy and inspire… Read more
  • Allison MasterAllison Master
    Graduate psychology student Allison Master explores what motivates children to choose challenging tasks over easy ones. Master says that students’ beliefs—such as the conviction that intelligence can grow—play an important role in motivation. Her research investigates the origins of these… Read more
  • Tom McFaddenTom McFadden
    Tom McFadden is passionate about science. And he's on a quest to get students of all ages excited about it as well. After graduating with a degree in Human Biology, McFadden went on to become a course associate for the… Read more
  • Ravi VakilRavi Vakil
    Listening to Ravi Vakil talk about math is like hearing a painter speak about art. To Vakil, math is an aesthetic discipline in which his purpose is to seek beauty—the beauty of finding structures in patterns in nature, of simplifying… Read more
  • Maria Fortiz-MorseMaria Fortiz-Morse
    Filmmaker Maria Fortiz-Morse, ’10 is committed to telling stories about people whose voices are rarely heard. As a Stanford MFA student in documentary film and video, Fortiz-Morse created character-driven films that raised larger social issues. Her work includes Trash-Out, which… Read more
  • Rebekah MeredithRebekah Meredith
    An MFA student in documentary film, Rebekah Meredith hopes to harness the collective powers of storytelling to inspire and influence a large audience. Meredith’s films highlight the humanity behind contemporary issues ranging from food security to health care. Her first… Read more

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