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Jhanvi Shriram
Undergraduate student, Political Science

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Jhanvi Shriram, ’10 explores the intersection of democracy and media through the lens of a camera.

As a political science major and African studies minor at Stanford, Shriram dedicated her time to understanding how film can affect policy and inspire political change. She worked on projects that ranged from capturing a day in the lives of public school students in Bangalore to teaching documentary film to middle schoolers in Bhutan.

Shriram says her coursework inspired her to think deeply about the implications of public service. Each time she embarks on a project in another community, Shriram asks herself about her motivations, as well as whether she’s listening to the local cultural sensitivities and creating something sustainable.

As she looks to the future, Shriram hopes to continue harnessing the power of storytelling to effect change. She now works in independent documentary film.

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