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Tom McFadden
Course Associate, Human Biology

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Tom McFadden is passionate about science. And he's on a quest to get students of all ages excited about it as well.

After graduating with a degree in Human Biology, McFadden went on to become a course associate for the program. He says his studies in HumBio inspired him to think of a way to reach students beyond the classroom—so he began to rap about science.

His collaborative rap videos were a hit not only with Stanford students but with online viewers around the world. McFadden's interest in creatively displaying the importance of scientific inquiry then led him to youth outreach work in New Zealand and the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico.

McFadden is currently pursuing a master’s of science communication in New Zealand as a Fulbright Scholar. He hopes to continue touring classrooms to get kids excited about science and plans to produce a scientific “hip-hopera”—a long-form music video conveying essential biological issues to a broad audience.

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