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Search the FRS Organizations and their Facilities

This Query Form allows you to retrieve a list of selected organizations. The organizations are pulled from our regulatory program systems, which use terms such as owner, operator, permittee, responsible party, establishment, parent company, parent corporation, and ultimate parent to describe their relationship with facilities. For facilities that have no related organization data, the facility name itself is included and indicated in the search results. Specify organizations by using any combination of search terms and geographic location. Use the Original FRS Query Form to directly query FRS facilities.

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Search Term Examples

Organization Name: Enter the full or partial organization name. A full text index, combining all of the organization names and the facility names is used to select the organizations. This allows a term like "PERDUE FARM" to find all occurances of a name that contain either the words "Perdue" and "Farm" next to one another in the index. The index also uses the stem of the words, so it would also find all occurances of "Perdue Farms" too.
Industrial Classification Descriptions: This term includes all of the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) descriptions combined will all of the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) descriptions for facilities linked to the organization. As an example, a search term of "Farm" would find all occurances of both SIC and NAICS code descriptions that contain the word "Farm" or the word "Farms" like "Dairy Farms" or "Farm Machinery Wholesalers".
SIC Code and NAICS Code: Enter a part of the SIC or NAICS code number or part of the code description and the system will automatically find matched codes for you. You can enter both a SIC Code and a NAICS Code together - there is an implied "OR" in using the both of these codes together so the query will return all organizations affiliated with either the SIC Code or the NAICS Code.
Possible Air Emitters: This select box limits the search to Organization and Facilities that are possible Air Emitters based on the following facility interests: AIRS/AFS, CAMDBS, EGRID, NEI, RBLC, RFS, RMP, TRIS

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