Banks located on campus include:

  • Stanford Federal Credit Union* (650) 723-2509 with branches at Tresidder Union, Pampas Lane and the Medical Center
  • Wells Fargo Bank (650) 289-1034 at Tressider Union

ATM machines located at Tressider Union:

  • Bank of America
  • Stanford Federal Credit Union
  • Wells Fargo Bank

All of these banks offer checking and savings accounts. Call to determine the variations in their services and charges.

If you wish to transfer money to the local area before your arrival, your bank will need to make arrangements with a bank near Stanford. NOTE: There may be a limit to the amount of funds which may be transferred.

*Membership in the Stanford Federal Credit Union is open to students; this includes lending and VISA card services for international students. To open an account at the Stanford Federal Credit Union, you will need to bring your Stanford acceptance letter to Stanford  (or Stanford student ID) and your passport.  You may be approved for a student credit card for $1000 after being reviewed by their loan department.  No social security number is required to open a bank account or obtaining a credit card. 

A word of advice: companies such as banks, gasoline companies, and retail stores issue credit cards which can be used to facilitate purchases. Whether you use a credit card or sign a contract to buy on credit, you should be aware of the danger of “overextending yourself.” Many major credit cards frequently charge over 20% interest!

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