Medical, Personal, Travel and Security Assistance Services

Imagine you are in a foreign country...

  • You have an allergic reaction and require immediate medical attention, but barely speak the language...
  • The political climate has changed for the worse, and you need to get to a safe haven NOW...
  • There is an earthquake, you are injured, and your passport is lost...

Who do you turn to?

Stanford's International Travel Assistance Program

Through its participating vendors Stanford University has 24/7 resources on call, online and even on the ground to help with medical, security and logistical questions, concerns and situations that may arise when you travel internationally or live abroad.

Online Tools and Services to Benefit YOU!

Personal Travel Locator & Emergency Record

  • Available for either business or leisure related travel
  • Input your travel plans and contact information online so you can be located in the event of an emergency
  • Store vital personal health, medical history, and vaccination information online so both you and medical providers can access it in case of an emergency

Information Services

  • Available for either business or leisure related travel
  • Receive recommendations for vaccinations and reminder alerts when follow-up boosters are required
  • Access country-specific information on disease prevention, hospital locations, translation services, and referrals to English-speaking doctors
  • Get medical and security travel alerts, global security reports and risk ratings by country via email

Medical Assistance Services

  • Available for either business or leisure related travel
  • Access clinics and doctor referrals around the world. (Charges may apply.)

Evacuation Services for Medical or Other Emergencies

  • Available for Stanford University academic, business or research related travel or participation in Stanford University programs
  • Receive evacuation services in the event of a medical, natural hazard or political emergency

Print and carry your membership card while overseas for easy and immediate telephone access to program and emergency services.

See Getting Started to learn how to use these tools!



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