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Over the years, Lane Medical Library has been deeply grateful for the generosity of individuals and departments who have enriched our collection through monetary donations and materials gifts.

Today as we work to stretch our acquisitions budget, we continue to welcome contributions to support our overall library mission.

Monetary gifts, current and newly published books, especially publications by Stanford authors have a direct impact on our collections, programs, and facilities.

Financial contributions can be made in memory of family members, colleagues, and friends or to recognize special individuals.

If you are considering a monetary donation you can:

Contact Administrative Office
  • 650-723-7197


Current Materials

We accept books published in the last two years, within the scope of our collection, especially publications from Stanford authors and alumni.


For donations outside of our accepted current materials, please check our Gift Referral list or visit the Stanford University Libraries gift opportunities page .


Lane Library no longer accepts donations of periodicals/journals.

Due to staffing, space limitations and the growth of our digital special collections, we are forced to curtail acceptance of physical materials.

Historical, Rare Books and Artifacts

If you are considering donation of historical materials (including personal papers, historical medical artifacts, and pre-1900 publications) please contact Historical Curator at the Stanford Medical History Center :

Letter of Acknowledgement

Lane will provide a letter of acknowledgment upon donor request. A copy of a donor-supplied list may be attached.

Please Include

a filled out copy of the Lane Library Donation Slip with your donation.

Appraisals for Tax Purposes

The library is legally prohibited from providing tax appraisals for gifts. Donors wishing to take a deduction from their annual income tax may want to consult IRS Regulations or a tax expert for specific questions.

Charitable Contributions

IRS Publication 526

Value of Donated Property

IRS Publication 561

Conditions of Acceptance

Photo of the hands holding a gift box

It is the responsibility of the donor to arrange for the delivery of gifted items.

Material donated to Lane Medical Library become the property of the library and can be used as our librarians and archivists deem fit. We accept only donations that will enhance the collection either by adding to the collection or by providing funds through their sale. Lane Library may offer donated materials to other libraries on campus or elsewhere. If an item is not needed and is not salable, an attempt will be made to give it away or recycle it. Lane Medical Library reserves the right to dispose of donated materials as it sees fit, unless a prior arrangement has been reached.

Gift Referral List

This is a list of people and organizations we know of who may be interested in receiving donations of medical materials. If you come across any others that we should add to our list, please let us know. Thank you for your generosity!

Logo for African
								Youth Health Education Magnet (AYHEM) organization

African Youth Health Education Magnet (AYHEM)
(interested in books and journals, may cover shipping)

Local Stanford contact
Yohannes W. Woldeamanuel, MD
Organizational contact
Peninah Kaniu, EdD, MPH
Logo for Better World Books, Reuse First Division organization
Better World Books

Reuse First Division (this organization pays for shipping)

Logo for Books for Africa organization
Books for Africa

Donation guidelines

Universidad Nacional de Santiago del Estero
Prof. Ramon Marcelo Sandez
B° Altos de Santiago, Mza B, Lote 3
CP 4200 - Santiago del Estero
Logo for Zubal
							Books organization
Zubal Books

(not a charity – bookbuyer/bookseller, covers shipping)