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Hand Washing Procedures

The Heart Center portal is a one-stop collection of high quality online resources and tools oriented towards all nursing staff who care for patients within LPCH Heart Center. One of the functions of the portal is to increase awareness of resources that otherwise might remain hidden and under-utilized.

Mission statement

Provide a thematically organized, curated list of clinical reference, research and teaching resources. Facilitate learning through selected high quality tutorials and reference resources.

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We provide in-person or virtual (via BlueJeans) consultations.
Lane Virtual Meeting Room

A point-of-care clinical information resource containing succinct and aggressively updated clinical topic reviews.

Provides fulltext access to Lane's resources.

Includes the MEDLINE database, which contains coverage of over 5000 journals and more than 25 million citations for biomedical articles, including, but not limited to, clinical trials, systematic reviews, case reports, and clinical practice guidelines.

Lane RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication)

Provides one-click access to important clinical resources

Includes evidence-based diagnosis and treatment guidelines, Books, EBM articles, Ovid MEDLINE, Drug facts and comparisons, Drug interaction facts, guidelines from National Guideline Clearinghouse, patient handouts (English and Spanish), and local content.

A medical search engine provides access to 9,000 medical and procedural videos, 1,000 books and over.All online issues of the Journal of the American Medical Association.Nature, the international weekly journal of science.New England Journal of Medicine.Search Ovid databases.
Limit your PubMed search to Cochrane Reviews, AHRQ Evidence Reports, BMJ Clinical Evidence topics, FPIN Clinical Inquiries,and ACP Journal Club article reviews. A specialized PubMed search geared towards helping clinicians quickly access systematic reviews.A specialized PubMed search geared towards helping clinicians quickly access clinical trials.