Capital Projects

During any one year, LBRE is responsible for the implementation of a wide variety of capital projects for Stanford University. A sampling of such projects is provided below.

Featured Projects

The following selections from the university’s current three-year Capital Plan will advance Stanford’s support of the arts, its leadership in engineering, medicine, and business, and its commitment to energy efficiency, innovation and sustainability. Also featured are several housing projects that will increase on-campus housing options for Stanford's undergraduate and graduate students and will make available new housing choices for faculty.

  • Bing Concert Hall
  • Bioengineering/Chemical Engineering
  • Freidenrich Center for Translational Research
  • Knight Management Center

For more Capital Plan project listings, visit the Department of Project Management website.

Future Projects

Although subject to delay due to a variety of factors, such as economics and entitlements, LBRE anticipates that these prominent objectives will see completion in future years.

  • Biology Building
  • Redwood City Master Plan

Capital Programs

The following programs are integral to Stanford’s ongoing efforts to renew its infrastructure.

  • Investment in Plant - Planned Maintenance Program
  • Capital Utilities Program (CUP)
  • Stanford Infrastructure Program (SIP)
  • Whole Building Energy Retrofit Program Group 2
  • General Use Permit (GUP) Mitigation
  • Storm Drains

 Additional project descriptions can be found in the Capital Projects Section of recent LBRE Annual Reports.

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