About LBRE

Stanford University is an extraordinary institution and Land, Buildings and Real Estate (LBRE) takes great pride in its stewardship. The ten departments comprising the LBRE organization oversee many interesting, varied and valued assets, all of which contribute towards making Stanford a self-sustaining community. The population of this community includes approximately 7,000 undergraduates, 8,870 graduate students, 2,000 faculty members, and 11,000 staff. LBRE supports this community through the management and oversight of the following significant University assets:


8,180 acres

  • Main Campus: 2,616 acres (includes Medical Center, Golf Course and Foothills)
  • Jasper Ridge: 1,186 acres
  • Stanford Research Park: 700 acres
  • SLAC: 424 acres
  • Stanford Shopping Center: 69 acres
  • Sand Hill Road: 41 acres
  • Other: 3,144 acres (includes agricultural lands)
  • 15.2 million Academic Gross Square Feet (gsf)
  • 700 Major Buildings
  • 14 million gsf of Commercial Improvements
Roads and Utilities
  • 46 miles of Roads
  • 49 Mega-Watt Co-Generation Power Plant
    • Produces all the energy for the campus needs plus up to an extra 20 mega-watts at peak that are provided for public consumption
  • High-Voltage Distribution System
  • Central Heating and Cooling Plant
  • Three Dams
  • Three Open Water Reservoirs
  • Two Separate Water Systems
  • 88 Miles of Water Mains
  • 2,300 Water Irrigation Valves
Natural Resources
  • 43,000 Trees (most common coast live oak)
  • More than 650 species of native plants
  • Main Campus
    • 1.4 million square feet of shrub
    • 190,000 linear feet of groundcovers
    • 1.2 million square feet of lawns
  • Several threatened species