The annotated bibliography on antisemitism

The Felix Posen Bibliographic Project on Antisemitism comprises an online database accessible through Israel's university library network (ALEPH), and printed bibliographies. The bibliography includes works published throughout the world about antisemitism--books, dissertations, master's theses, and articles from periodicals and collections. It does not include newspaper articles, reviews, and works of fiction, nor does it cover antisemitic publications. The project has two parts: the ongoing annotated bibliography (from 1984 to the present), and the retrospective bibliography, which lists books and articles, published prior to 1984 (presently includes works published from 1965-1983). The long-term goal is to compile a comprehensive listing of all works written about antisemitism throughout history. For the purpose of this bibliography, antisemitism is defined as antagonism toward Jews and Judaism as expressed in writings (e.g., the New Testament, polemical literature, works of fiction), in the visual arts (e.g., art, caricatures, films), and in actions (e.g., massacres and pogroms, discriminatory legislation, the Holocaust). Since 1988, the bibliography includes all works dealing with the Holocaust period (1933-1945), i.e., on antisemitic ideology, policy, and attitudes, as well as on the Jewish experience (memoirs, memorial books, etc.)

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