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Terman Library launches new website

Terman Engineering Library has a new homepage, check it out. We updated and revised our content to meet our users needs. This includes an expanded list of online resources , an updated technology section with information about our Kindle lending, Gadget bar and available software . We also completely revised and updated all of our research guides . Information about Course Reserves is included in the section on Using Terman Library.

We welcome your feedback on the new website. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Selected Chinese books on missionaries in China

Selected Chinese books on missions and missionaries in China

Beideshi wen xian yan jiu / Zhang Kaiyuan zhu.
贝德士文献研究 / 章开沅著
East Asia > Chinese Collection > BV3427 .B363 Z53 2011
Zhui xun chai chuan zu ji : Meiguo sheng gong hui zai Hua chai chuan tan xi (1835-1920) / Lin Meimei zhu.
追寻差传足迹 : 美国圣公会在华差传探析(1835-1920) / 林美玫著
East Asia > Chinese Collection > BV3415 .L496 2011

Archives Acquires Ira Nowinski Photos of the Stanford Powwow

_DSC0096.jpgThe Archives is pleased to announce the acquisition of 312 digital images and 36 prints of the 2006 Stanford Powwow taken by noted photographer Ira Nowinski. The entire set of images is currently available for viewing via the iStanford app. A small exhibition of the prints will be on display in the Bender Room of Green Library in conjunction with the 2012 Powwow, held over Mother's Day Weekend.

Chinese Books on Display: Textbooks at the Turn of 20th Century

Following the defeat of the Chinese empire in the Opium Wars and numerous military humiliations inflicted by western powers, by the late 19th century, the government of Late Qing dynasty initiated a series of reforms in an attempt to revitalize China. Many saw education as the critical part of this reform.

New Interface for Bibliography of Asian Studies

This new version offers a state-of-the-art discovery system with simplified searching and facet-based browsing. Refinements based upon such categories as Author, Subject, Country/Region, Journal, Publication date, or Type of publication are provided through facets, and can be easily combined; the number of entries in each category is provided. A new category, Language, has been added.

Elizabeth Horn Joins IASRG

Elizabeth J. Horn has just joined SULAIR as a curatorial assistant in the International and Area Studies Resource Group, where she will provide support to curators Sarah Sussman and Karen Fung.

Monuments of Printing: Part One

MonumentsPoster228x305.jpgAn exhibition of rare books focusing on the first 250 years of European typography and printing, prepared by John Mustain, Curator of Rare Books, will open August 1 in the galleries on the second floor of Green Library’s Bing Wing. Monuments of Printing: from Gutenberg to the Renaissance will be on display when students return to campus in September and continue through November 27.

Part two of the story, subtitled From Caslon through the Book Arts Revival, will follow in early December and run through March 18, 2012. The consecutive shows, covering nearly 500 years of printing history, offer a display of the arts of typography and printing as seen in selected works from SUL’s Special Collections. A leaf from the Gutenberg Bible, displayed with a lectern bible manuscript exemplar, and a volume printed in 1702 with type designed for Louis XIV, bracket the show.

New Volume Co-edited by Henry Lowood, Published by MIT Press

The Machinima Reader, a new volume of essays co-edited by Henry Lowood, has recently been published by MIT Press.

According to the release from MIT Press:

Over the last decade, machinima—the use of computer game engines to create movies—has emerged as a vibrant area in digital culture. Machinima as a filmmaking tool grew from the bottom up, driven by enthusiasts who taught themselves to deploy technologies from computer games to create animated films quickly and cheaply. The Machinima Reader is the first critical overview of this rapidly developing field.

Dongfang Shao's New Books

Congratulations to Dongfang Shao, Director of the East Asia Library, who will be among those Stanford authors honored at the Stanford Humanities Center on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 when it presents the18th Annual Publication Celebration.

Documenting Mexican American & Latino Civil Rights

Stanford University Libraries’ Manuscripts Division in the Department of Special Collections has received a grant from the Council on Library Information Resources (CLIR). With funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, CLIR's "Cataloging Hidden Special Collections and Archives" will allow us to hire a project team to arrange and describe two major collections documenting Mexican American and Latino civil rights in the United States.

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