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Altschul SummaryAltschul SlidesNadia AltschulJohns Hopkins University
Butler AbstractButler SlidesEmily ButlerUniversity of Toronto
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Day 1: Thursday, January 14, 2010
9:00Session 1
Annotating Digital Collections
Moderator:Simon Tanner
Case 1:Emily Butler - "Matthew Parker's Diachronic Community of Readers

Funding and Recognition

I was very interested to hear about what everyone has been working on. I was particularly struck by two elements of the conversation: First, the technological challenges seem, in general, to be more straightforward than the social and financial elements of the projects. Our friends at the Mellon Foundation are doing good work to help with funding (again, thanks), and perhaps we might (though we are one another's certain competitors) pool our research into funding sources, which might be then hosted online? I have a few websites and could easily upload a series of links.

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Archive of Celtic-Latin literature

Contains the texts processed thus far from the corpus of Celtic-Latin literature from the period 400-1200 as part of the Royal Irish Academy's Dictionary of Medieval Latin from Celtic Sources project

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