Religious Studies

Processus contra Templarios.

Città del Vaticano : Archivio segreto vaticano, 2007.
251 p. ; 45 cm. + 22 loose leaves of plates (4 fold.) : ill. ; 45 cm.
Series: (Exemplaria praetiosa ; 3)
Incl. facs. repr. of the orig. Latin documents (A.A., Arm. D. 208-210, 217-218; Reg. Aven. 48) on the trial against the Templars, with transcr. and comment. in English and Italian.
799 copies published.

Tripiṭaka (Tibetan version). Xizang da zang jing = The Tibetan Tripitaka

Tripiṭaka (Tibetan version)
Xizang da zang jing = The Tibetan Tripitaka / [editor in chief A.W. Barber ; bian zhu zhe [Nan tian shu] ju bian ji bu].
西藏大藏經 = The Tibetan Tripitaka / [editor in chief A.W. Barber ; 編著者 [南天書]局編輯部].

Edition: Taibei ban, chu ban.
Edition: 台北版, 初版.
Imprint: Taibei Shi : Nan tian shu ju, Minguo 80 [1991]
Imprint: 台北市 : 南天書局, 民國80 [1991]

72 v. ; 38 cm.

Digital dictionary of Buddhism


A compilation of Buddhist technical terminology texts, temples, schools, persons, etc. that are found in East Asian Buddhist canonical sources. Since much of what East Asian Buddhists have written about is the Buddhism of India, Central Asia, and Tibet, the content of this database/dictionary/encyclopedia/translation glossary is pan-Buddhist in character. Dictionaries and other reference sources are in many East Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Pali, Sanskrit and Tibetan)

Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center

This website contains E. Gene Smith's extensive database of Tibetan literature and serves as the main access point to an evolving digital archive of texts, as well as links to other important digital archive projects

Oxford Islamic studies online

No description currently available offers a daily email newsletter of concise, translated briefs covering some of the key political, cultural, economic and opinion pieces appearing via the print, radio and television media of the 22 Arab countries, Iran and the Arab Diaspora

Codices electronici Sangallenses

Facsimiles of manuscripts from the Abbey Library of St. Gallen

Index Islamicus

A bibliography of books and index of articles in periodicals on Islam and the Muslim world. Also includes reviews

John Foxe's Book of martyrs

This Variorum Edition concentrates on the four English editions of Foxe's martyrology published in London during his own lifetime: those of 1563 ; 1570 ; 1576 and 1583

The clergy of the Church of England database, 1540-1835

A database documenting the careers of all Church of England clergymen between 1540 and 1835. This website not only gives access to the Database, but also provides a range of supporting materials about the Church and its clergy

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