Interoperation for Digital Medieval Manuscripts

What is an Interoperable Digital Manuscript Repository?

At the most general level, "interoperability" here refers to the ability of a repository to deliver its metadata and image data in an application-agnostic way for consumption by third party applications in a standardized way.
Stanford University Library has received two years of funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to lay the foundation for a generalizable infrastructure for repositories of digital medieval manuscript facsimiles. This is a first step toward a truly interoperable environment that will benefit scholars and other users of digital medieval materials, and provide a cost-beneficial method for repositories to make their medieval materials available to the world.
An overview of our proposed work and partners can be found by following the links below. More detail can be found in the proposal that preceded this two-year grant, available here.

Defining Interoperability
The Image Stack and Web Services
Annotation and Transcription Tools
Digital Manuscript Technical Working Group
Project Participants

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