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Bowes Art & Architecture Library

Testing the Boundaries: Wendingen 1918-1932

The beautifully designed issues of Wendingen, a Dutch art and architecture journal published between 1918 and 1932, were dedicated to investigating and expanding the boundaries of architecture.The journal, the title of which translates to “twists” or “turnings,” originated in the intellectual climate that followed World War I, when the nationalism that led in its extreme form to war was exchanged by artists and architects for a spirit of collective intellectual energy. A journal that would showcase both art and architecture, of both Dutch and international origin, was the idea of Wendingen’s editor H. Th. Wijdeveld, a Dutch architect associated with the Amsterdam  architectural society, Architectura et Amicitia. One-hundred and sixteen issues of Wendingen, each devoted to a specific topic, were published and distributed inside the Netherlands and abroad. This exhibition examines the diverse visual styles of Wendingen’s covers, its varied content, and its extensive coverage of Frank Lloyd Wright to demonstrate the journal’s devotion to discovering the fullest realization of built form.

Today, almost a century after the publication of the journal’s first issue, architecture is faced with the facets of the digital realm. The question Wijdeveld sought to answer with Wendingen--how architecture might evolve to engage and encompass other disciplines and inhabit new media--is now a relevant question again.