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All accessions in the Carolyn Caddes papers are open for research

"Portraits of Success: Impressions of Silicon Valley Pioneers" (1986) book page image.

I am pleased to announce that all of the accessions in the Carolyn Caddes Papers (M0658) are now described and available for research.  For several years, only one accession was described online but thanks to Monika Lehman, our Public Services Intern, the rest of the accessions are open now for research.

Monika describes her experience processing this incredibly rich collection:

I had the opportunity to process Carolyn Caddes' papers. Carolyn is a portrait photographer who is most known for her collection of portraits published in a book entitled Portraits of Success: Impressions of Silicon Valley Pioneers (1986). Caddes spent years interviewing, photographing and researching the major players in Silicon Valley who worked in the technology sector, venture capitalism and government.

She spent many hours with each of her subjects learning about their career pathways, their personal hopes and fears and their ideas about the future of their industry. These subjects included Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Gordon Moore, Robert Noyce, David Packard and William Hewlett among others. She additionally completed two other major projects, a 1990 follow up with many of her subjects and the inclusion of new Silicon Valley entrepreneurs  for a Japanese business magazine named Nikkei and the beginning research on a book of California wine making pioneers in Napa Valley. Also included in this collection are her personal correspondence, research and clippings revolving around Silicon Valley and the tech industry and photographs from other projects.

When Caddes donated her materials, they were already organized by project. She had boxes of information concerning the layout of her book, contracts with her publishing company, and folders of photographs of her subjects. She interviewed so many different people for Portraits of Success that some did not even make it into the book. She had dozens of copies of each shot. I organized the photographs by person, format, and chronological order. I preserved the photographs by placing them in archival paper. I also did a lot of work to identify each person or location in the photograph by consulting a copy of Portraits of Success and looking up the names of potential subjects for the book to see if there was a match. I also worked to describe her photographs accurately in the finding aid. Organizing, describing, and labeling this collection took many weeks but I am glad I had the opportunity to work with a diverse collection of photographs.

An updated version of the collection's finding guide is available through SearchWorks: