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Leonar3do: Immersive 3D Design

Screen capture of Leonar3do

A new software and hardware product by Leonar3do allows users to design, manipulate and analyze 3D objects from within a virtual 3D environment.  The system utilizes a software application, 3D monitor and glasses and a spatial input tool called a bird.  The bird is used to move, rotate, sculpt and mold objects that appear to float in front of the monitor, and the 3D glasses assist with head-tracking for viewing objects from different visual angles.  A brief explanation of various design tools found in the menu is all it takes to begin molding and sculpting a sphere into something resembling a head with contoured facial features.  Leonar3do succeeds with input and visualization tools that mimic the way many people analyze and manipulate objects in the real world.  With a few hours of practice with some of the more advanced design menu tools, some interesting objects could be ready for export and 3D printing.    

Leonar3do is currently available at the Terman Engineering Library.