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A gig at Stanford’s Libraries for a summer internship


Veronica Rubalcava

Seven lucky students from Eastside College Preparatory School in East Palo Alto have earned a gig at the Stanford Libraries for a summer internship. The interns have been placed in different libraries from Green to Meyer, to Music and Biology.

I am Veronica Rubalcava and I am the co-coordinator for the internship program. When I heard about the internship program, I was pleased to know that an opportunity for first-generation college students was being offered. So far, I have had the pleasure of interacting with the interns and accompanying them to many enrichment classes. They have learned how to use a library to its fullest potential, especially when writing a research paper, and they have learned about specific computer software that will be used when they go to college. The interns also attended special sessions with guest speakers who talked to them about many important topics, focusing on social and community skills.

As a first-generation college student (a college sophomore beginning this fall), I am happy that these college-bound students have this internship that is helping them learn life-long skills. These skills will benefit them not only in college but in any professional setting they find themselves in. This type of internship is something that I wish I had had the opportunity to be a part of before I entered my first year of college. This experience will give them an advantage over other college freshmen because they will have a head start on what to expect from college.

During my first year in college, I had to write research papers and at first I was very lost. When the interns and I attended the class on how to use the library and its many resources when writing a research paper, I was super happy; I know that the interns are going to need the skills that they acquired from this class and they will appreciate having gone through this program.

Being the first one in the family to go to college is not an easy task at all. Sometimes I don’t know to whom to turn for help and guidance to make sure that my college experience is academically successful. However, now that the interns have been paired up with supervisors, and have met many people throughout their time here, they have a support system that will be able to help them when their families can’t. These relationships are forever and I am overwhelmed to see how much support and advice the staff at the Stanford Libraries have given the interns. In a typical internship, I don’t think this would have been the case. I feel that it is vital for the Library Internship Program to continue, and continue to provide experience and opportunities for more first-generation students!

by Veronica Rubalcava