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Library Intern: Jazmin Contreras


Library intern Jazmin Contreras at work

As quiet as she was, Jazmin's presence was all over the Lane Reading Room. She spent most mornings processing incoming new books for one of most popular sections of Green Library: Current Fiction. For the late morning hours Jazmin worked on organizing the collection of Stanford alumna Gloria Velasquez. The boxes contained photos, correspondence and other memorabilia from the Chicana writer's life in her native Colorado to her student years on campus and a successful career author of young adult novels. Everardo Rodriguez showed her how to create a preliminary listing to the collection that can easily be converted into a finding aid.

Jazmin also processed incoming SSRC-Newbooks; she did some work with the HAS-Fiction and HAS-Newbook collections as well. At other times, Jazmin wrote technical documentation for SUL Expert Partners and updated the EP consul site.

As if there was not enough variety in her work at Green Library, Jazmin also helped in Special Collections with photocopying and rehousing documents. Jazmin explained, "I had the chance to organize World War II letters by separating them from their envelopes and make it easier for people to look through them." How's that for touching the unique, the rare, and just plain Special!

She could not have imagined becoming an expert searcher of our online catalog (Searchworks) by checking what seemed like an unending list of books on Mexican photography. When she finally finished she seemed reluctant at turning in her list stating, "I could only find 4 out of 113," and admitted feeling she was doing it all wrong. She was right on the mark, we lacked all those interesting books.

This August 16th is Jazmin's last day here with us. We did not mean to keep her so busy with so many projects, it just happened that way! But, she said, "Working with three different people has given me the opportunity to build bigger connections. It has also kept my job interesting and new. I could count on something new and different every day."

We wish Jazmin Contreras well as she prepares her move to UC-Riverside where she starts classes in just a few weeks.

-Adan Griego Contreras