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bX Recommender trial added to SFX (Find it at Stanford links)

bX Recommender logoA trial of bX Recommender has been added to SFX (the Find it at Stanford links) maintained by the Stanford Libraries.  Thanks to Alexis Manheim and Holly Thomasen for their work to customize this tool for SUL.

bX Recommender is a service developed by ExLibris to work with SFX to help researchers discover additional relevant articles. Recommendations are based on the usage of millions of researchers around the globe. Starting with the article the user is looking at, bX Recommender checks what other articles were used together with that article and then displays a list of other relevant articles on the SFX results page.

The articles may be from different journals, publishers and platforms and may even carry different keywords. bX recommendations are a valuable extension to the user’s own research: the user finds an article, bX finds more for them.

The bX service is brought to you by the same team that created SFX and the OpenURL standard, a collaboration of Ex Libris and the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) renowned researchers Johan Bollen and Herbert Van de Sompel.

Note on the Stanford Libraries' current implementation:
At least one bX recommendation must be available in order for the recommendations box to display on the SFX results page.  We have chosen to display up to 10 recommendations, plus these recommendations must be to articles in SUL's SFX holdings.

Articles published in the past year to six months may not have many (if any) recommendations associated with them because it takes time for the recommendations to generate/rank.  Test the service using older citations (2011- ). Of course not all articles produce recommendations.

Only journal articles will generate recommendations.  The service does not work with books. bX Recommender works with the SFX menu.

To test, use one of the article databases that already have the Find it at Stanford links included (Web of Science, Scopus, Academic Search Premier, etc.).  Works well with Google Scholar.

Please use the  "Send feedback about this trial" link at the bottom of the bX box.  We would like to hear your comments on this tool. This trial will be active until the end of February. 

bX product page
Article on bX from ALA TechSource that explains more about the service and how recommendations are generated.