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Springer Materials new beta platform

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Now available to Stanford University: the new beta platform for the Springer Materials database, the online collection of fully-evaluated physical property data.

For the experienced chemical and physical property seeker, structure and element searching is available. For the non-specialist, keyword searching with auto-suggestions help lead you to the right data. You can also sign up for training sessions.

The Springer Materials data is sourced from Landolt-Börnstein, a 400+ volume set of numerical and graphical data; the Linus Pauling Files of phase diagrams, crystal structures, and physical properties; the Dortmund Data Bank of thermophysical properties of pure liquids and binary mixtures; the Adsorption Database of gases on solid substrates; and the ATHAS Data Bank of thermal properties of macromolecules. Not yet available are the Chemical Safety databases: REACH – Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals, GHS – Globally Harmonized System, RoHS – Restriction of Hazardous Substances, and WEEE – Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment. However all these resources are still available on the existing Springer Materials platform.

Access to the current platform will continue alongside the beta platform. Sometime in 2015, access to current Springer Materials platform will begin redirecting all users to the new platform.


Stella Ota
Physics Librarian
(650) 723-9763