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We Want Your Input: IMF Open Data Portal

IMF Open Data Portal

The International Monetary Fund or IMF made their statistical data available for free on January 1st, 2015. Part of their plan for the transition is to introduce a new upgraded interface to improve the usability of the data.

Now that the the IMF Data Portal public beta version has been launched, the IMF is seeking input and feedback from our campus users on this resource!  Here's how you can help out:


Go to the new Data Portal

  1. Use the new system to search for/download data you have used in the previous eLibrary system
  2. Save any searches you currently have on the existing portal in the new one (personal accounts are automatically available on the new systems but all existing searches and downloads will have to be re-created).
  3. Test the visualizations, saving, sharing etc. Let the IMF know what you like/don’t like about the charts and features.
  4. Tell the IMF about any features you are expecting to see or hoping to see but are not there.
  5. Explore the Help and navigation to see if it serves your needs.

If you haven't been using the IMF eLibrary system, you can still provide input on items 3 through 5 above.

Your comments and suggestions will help the IMF make the interface better for all to use.  Feedback is appreciated as soon as possible but no later than February 13.