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WILPF exhibition at Bechtel International Center

WILPF Exhibit Logo

Copies of numerous items from the Archive of Recorded Sound's Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Collection (ARS.0056) will shortly be on display at Bechtel International Center Conference Room at Stanford University, as part of an exhibition entitled Women's Power to Stop War: Celebrating 100 years of Peacemaking. The exhibition, to coincide with Women's History Month and International Women's Day, will run March 1st - March 13th 2016 and is free to the public. 

There will also be an Exhibit Opening Event on Tuesday (March 1, 2016) from 5:30-8pm in the Conference Room at the Bechtel International Center.

The donor of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Collection, Judy Adams, who also helped organize the exhibition, will be presenting from 7-8pm a video entitled Listen to Women for a Change: Oral Histories of Women Peace Activists, followed by a discussion.

With its roots in the U. S. Women’s Peace party, the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) was founded in 1915 by 1300 women from neutral and warring nations who met in the Hague, Netherlands to try to negotiate the end of the World War I, send envoys from their group to nations at war and the U.S., and to urge peaceful resolution and ‘continuous mediation’ to avoid future conflicts. WILPF’s second congress met in Versailles in 1919 where the peace terms were negotiated, and the women’s congress made several long-term resolutions for disarmament, gender equality, and for a world body to negotiate peaceful settlement of conflicts. Now in its 100th year, WIPLF, in the words of presenter, Judy Adams, "stands for: equality of all people in a world free of racism, sexism, and homophobia; the building of a constructive peace through world disarmament; and the changing of government priorities to meet human needs".

For availability of the Bechtel International Center Conference Room to view the exhibit from March 2nd through the 13th, call (650) 326-1235 or see the Bechtel Calendar.