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New database: Rock's Backpages

Rock’s Backpages is one of two new subscription databases now available for use by the Stanford community (Music Industry Data, formerly known as "Academic Chrts Online" is the other).

From the website:

"There are over twenty thousand articles on the site. These feature over two thousand five hundred artists and range from 500-word album (or concert) reviews to 10,000-word interviews and features. 

The articles are full text and fully searchable (by artist, date, genre, keyword etc.) including a sophisticated ‘advanced search’ option.

Written by over five hundred of the biggest names in rock journalism, they are taken from the widest possible range of publications in the US and UK: from Creem and Trouser Press to Rolling Stone, and from New Musical Express and Melody Maker to MOJO.

The archive covers all types of popular music from the 1950s to the present: from Abba to Zappa, the Stones to the Stone Roses and from Elvis to Eminem. There are, for example, 160 articles on the Beach Boys and 220 on the Rolling Stones. 

The library includes previously unpublished pieces about The Beatles (by Michael Lydon in 1966), The Doors (by Lester Bangs in 1975), and seminal interviews with major artists from Bob Dylan to Radiohead."

The library is currently increasing in size by approximately 50 new articles a week.

In addition, you may stream audio interviews of artists including Rick Danko, David Bowie, T-Bone Burnett, Donovan, Green Day, Joni Mitchell, Kurt Cobain, Robert Plant, Lou Reed, Grace Slick, Tom Waits, and ZZ Top (and many more).

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