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Find books

Last Updated: 16-Mar-2015

This guide provides an overview of searching for books at Stanford.


You can find most books (print and e-books) at Stanford by using SearchWorks.

Find books by title

To find a book using its title, simply enter the title in the search box and click on the pull-down on the search button to select title.

To find an e-version, click the option for "online" from the access menu in the left column on the results page. Select the title you need and click on the link in the record next to "online" to read it.

Other search options

In SearchWorks you can search using keywords (everything), subject terms, call number, series, or author.  Just enter your search terms and select the option you prefer from the search button.

Once you’ve entered a search you can apply limits such as publication year, topic, library, language, etc. by selecting from the options in the left menu on the results page. To do a combined search of terms, try the Advanced Search.

For more tips on using SearchWorks, check out SearchWorks help

Locating books

The SearchWorks record indicates the library e.g. Green Library, followed by Stacks (translates to shelves with books) and a combination of letters and numbers, which is the call number. For items in Green Library, if you click on the title of the book, there is a link called "map" following Green Library - Stacks, which shows you the location of the item.

Other library catalogs

SearchWorks includes records for all the libraries on campus. Users of Lane Medical Library may want to consult their catalog to see the full records, including availability of items.

Looking for additional search options? Check out our search tools.