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History of the arts at Stanford

Last Updated: 1-Jan-2014

Although many associate Stanford most strongly with the science and technology of Silicon Valley, there is a rich tradition of arts on campus dating back to the university's earliest years.

General resources on the arts

Stanford University Publications and Ephemera Collection

Items in the Publications and Ephemera collection are organized by four digit call numbers. To view materials, request by call number at the Special Collections reference desk in the Field Reading Room. Call numbers which include information on the arts at Stanford:

  • 1690: Stanford Arts Initiative
  • 3590-3629: Department of Art and Architecture
  • 4390-4409: Department of Music
  • 4590: Department of Theater and Performance Studies (formerly the Department of Drama, Department of Speech and Drama)
  • 7800-7839: Student musical groups
  • 7840-7879: Student dramatic groups

Drama and theater


Visual arts