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Italian Politics and Political History/Government Documents

Last Updated: 28-Apr-2014

A guide to the Stanford University Library's resources for the study of Italian politics, including government materials from the Republic of Italy.

Oggi in Italia

LexisNexis - Italian newspapers are found in Lexis-Nexis Academic. Under "search by content type" pick "Foreign language news" and then select "Italian." Among the titles covered are: Corriere della Sera, ItaliaOggi, Il Resto di Carlino, La Nazione, and La Stampa, as well as the wire service ANSA.

Corriere della sera - main Italian newspaper, with English section on Italian politics and culture

Italia Oggi - online newspaper focusing on Italian finance and politics.

WESS Web Italy

Italian Consulate of San Francisco

Government and Administration

Italian Newspapers

Government Documents

Documents issued by the Italian parliament are available at this site:

Political History

The following represent the most recent works in Italian political history acquired by the Stanford University Libraries

  1. Rebecca Jean Emigh, Dylan Riley and Patricia Ahmed. 2016

  2. edited by Aaron S. Allen and Kevin Dawe. 2016

  3. edited by Elena Calandri, Daniele Caviglia and Antonio Varsori. 2016

  4. Antonio Calcagno, editor. 2016

  5. Luca Ozzano and Alberta Giorgi. 2016

  6. George Hoare and Nathan Sperber. 2016

  7. Vittoria Barsotti, Paolo Carozza, Marta Cartabia, Andrea Simoncini. 2016

  8. Edited by Donatella Strangio (Professor, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy) and Giuseppe Sancetta (Professor, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy). 2016

  9. edited by Manuel Bragança and Peter Tame. 2016

  10. edited by Maurizio Isabella and Konstantina Zanou. 2016