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Media study room


Lower level

Media study room


The Music Library media study room contains a study table and seating for up to five people. Audiovisual equipment includes a color video monitor and components to play all-region DVD, Blu-Ray, VHS, LaserDisc, LP, and CD formats. Connector cables will soon be available to allow projecting from PC and Mac laptops.

Use guidelines:

  • Available on a first-come basis; no keys required
  • Priority use goes to patrons needing the playback equipment
  • Groups of two or more take priority over single-person use
  • Please observe a two-hour limit when others are waiting
  • Food and drinks are not allowed

The room may be reserved in advance; please contact Ray Heigemeir to make arrangements. We do not yet have an automatic reservation system; this may be developed in response to demand.

Place to Study

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