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The David Rumsey Map Center enables and promotes interdisciplinary scholarship through the use of cartographic information in all forms—from paper to digital.  The Center provides access to original historical cartographic material in multiple ways, presents exhibits, makes innovative use of digital displays, provides interactive tools, and supports GIS applications. Centrally located on the fourth floor of the Bing Wing of the Green Library, the Center serves in the morning as a mediated space for faculty, researchers, and students by way of workshops, support for classes and one-on-one consultations with faculty and students that involve cartographic material. In the afternoons, the Center welcomes all students, faculty and staff as well as members of general public to view the Center’s materials. Note that materials must be paged in advance.

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Reference & circulation (650) 498-8698


Green Library
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Stanford community users will show their ID card upon entering the Center. Non-Stanford users will register at the entry kiosks with their current photo ID. Center users will print two user IDs, retain one and give the other to Center staff when they arrive. Page requests received before 12 noon will be available at 1 pm the next business day; page requests received after 12 noon will be available at 1 pm two business days later.


Elevator access is available.


The entrance is located off of the Rotunda area in the Bing Wing of Green Library (second floor). Proceed through the door to the stairwell and up to the fourth floor.

Transit and parking

Marguerite lines X,Y,C lines to Hoover Tower. Green Library is behind Hoover Tower.


Head and Curator, David Rumsey Map Center
Cartographic Technology Specialist
Map Cataloger
Center Services Supervisor


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