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SAGE Publications Renews Partnership with HighWire



SAGE Publications, IPG's 2012 Publisher of the Year, is proud to announce the renewal of its strategic partnership with HighWire Press and their award-winning electronic publishing organization. SAGE cited HighWire's versatility, scalability, and the support of its highly capable publication management team as key deciding factors in renewing its contract. "Our productivity is due in a large part to HighWire's hands-on customer service model," said Bob Howard, Executive Director, SAGE Journals US. "HighWire provides us with a secure, standards-based and stable platform, but also the inspiration and expertise we need to help drive innovation in the academic publishing market."

Since partnering with HighWire in 2004, SAGE Journals has doubled the number of titles they publish online, currently more than 660 journals from 225 learned societies, including more than 170 Science, Technology and Medicine titles. With HighWire's speed and efficiency, SAGE is able to go from signing a new society partner, to launching their journal on the HighWire platform in a very short time frame. SAGE was honored recently with the Independent Publisher's Guild (IPG) Academic and Professional Publisher of the Year 2012 award, due to their "thoroughly professional publishing programme, wide-ranging digital activity, high production standards and sharp global strategies".

"HighWire's mission is to help scholarly publishers thrive. SAGE is thriving by any definition: publishing high quality content, growing their business, and earning well-deserved awards," commended Tom Rump, Managing Director of HighWire. "HighWire's strategic Road Map is closely aligned with that of SAGE's, and their renewal demonstrates their confidence in our innovative technology, service as a strategy, and future-forward developments."

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More information about this partnership (pdf).

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