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Notes from two TIPS meetings



IT Services presented a plethora of updates at the June TIPS meeting.

First up was a reminder of the Mobile Device Manager (MDM) for iOS devices at Stanford. Not only does MDM configure and maintain settings on your iOS, but it also saves the day if your device is lost or stolen. In case you can’t find your iOS, the MDM allows you to go on-line and remotely lock your device, remove data and/or reset passcodes. For more information visit:
Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Next was the announcement that SUNet ID related features moved from StanfordYou to Highlights include creating and managing SUNet IDs as well as resetting passwords and vacation autoreply.

Lastly, IT Services announced that Stanford University and teamed up to provide a document management and collaboration tool. Users will be able to log in with their Stanford credentials and save up to 15GB of cloud storage per user / 2GB per individual file. The Emerging Technologies Team of the Stanford Libraries is testing Stanford Box to determine its usefulness in our environment.

Note that when one box opens, one doc closes. Following the announcement of Stanford Box the group was informed that Docushare, a content and document management system implemented in 1997, will be retired. For details about the retirement of Docushare please visit

At the July TIPS Meeting David Jones, VP of University Human Resources (UHR), provided an update on UHR initiatives designed to support the university’s position and reputation as the best led, best managed university in the world.

On their list of initiatives is revitalizing the Stanford Training and Registration System (STARS). University Human Resources will take over ownership of STARS in 2013. In addition to analyzing how departments and staff would like to use STARS, they hope to incorporate informal learning efforts such as job shadowing and cross training.

Additionally, they plan to tackle healthcare costs. For this endeavor the emphasis will be on health improvement to demonstrate the relationship between wellness and healthcare costs.

For more information on these and other UHR initiatives please visit their website at

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