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Concierge 11: preservation of analog and digital materials - CANCELED



Concierge keys, canceled

The March Library Concierge Program presentation on Preservation is canceled!

Not to worry - the content will be presented at later Concierge sessions so stay tuned.


Sign-ups are now open for Concierge 11: Preservation of Analog and Digital Materials - CANCELED!

Join your colleagues at the March Library Concierge Program presentation on Preservation. Kate Contakos, Head of Library Preservation, and Vicky Reich, Executive Director of the LOCKSS Program, will talk to us about how they ensure that SUL collections (and beyond) endure.

Don't know what LOCKSS stands for? Not sure what the difference between preservation and conservation is? Then this is a "must see" session for you!

Date/Times: Thursday, March 28

  • 10AM-11AM  
  • 1PM -2PM

You can sign up in Coursework - select Library Concierge Project.

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