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SUL Welcomes the Business Library to Symphony



Until Spring Break, the Graduate School of Business Library used the Lane Medical Library's Voyager system to run its library operations. SUL's Symphony system and SearchWorks contained a copy of the bibliographic records for the Business Library's collection. However, the data control, acquisition and circulation functions were provided through Lane's Voyager system.

As of this past Spring Break, we completed the migration of all of the Business Library's operating functions over to SUL’s Symphony system, making the Business Library the third Coordinate Library to use Symphony alongside the Robert Crown Law Library and the Hoover Institution Library and Archives. We would like to welcome the Business Library to the SUL community and extend our thanks to the teams that made this complex project possible: GSB Library Staff, SUL Tech Services, DLSS/SearchWorks Team and ESP/Library Systems. Particular thanks go to Darsi Rueda who did an excellent job as overall project lead.

By Richard Webber

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March 9, 2016