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Ref Forum - May 8: What's Your Favorite Database and Why?



What's Your Favorite Database and Why?

When: Wednesday, May 8, 2-3:30
Where: IC Classroom

We have 1,249 databases at last count. How do we recommend a database to a scholar? Scholar status and discipline are key. What about ease of use and special features (alerts, personalization, citation info)? How do you find specific content such as think tank papers or case studies? How about ebooks?

Let's all learn from each other:
- Appreciate a database you've never used
- Brainstorm the features you expect and "must have"
- Strategize how we can share knowledge about databases among ourselves

Do you have a favorite database you would like to share? If so, let us know by Friday, May 3. Kris Kasianovitz will be presenting CIAO and Phyllis Kayten will be presenting Policy File.

We will also break into smaller groups and explore other databases so bring a mobile device or grab a laptop from the cart.

Come to the IC Classroom prepared for a lively discussion on the features we most like and dislike and how to find particular content in the databases we use.

by Malgorzata I Schaefer

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