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Managing Streaming Media Collections webinar



A webinar on managing streaming media collections from NISO will be offered on June 12, Wednesday, from 10-11:30 am in the IC Classroom. Collection and acquisition options and strategies, as well as legal issues associated with streaming video, will be highlighted during the webinar.

Media librarian Deg Farrelly (Arizona State University) will examine how video collection development differs from the print models librarians already know and the current state of streaming video from leading educational video distributors. The discussion will cover collection and pricing models, hosting options, and options for content identification and selection, as well as issues in library workflow related to streaming video.

Law librarian Terry McCormack will review the legal issues related to the streaming distribution of licensed and unlicensed media content via institutional networks and the Web. The discussion will include the types of streaming media license agreements and the related implications concerning fair use, use in perpetuity, and the rules associated with distance education. The speaker will also address how agreements may define and stipulate the life of streaming content, types of digital storage, and methods of access. In addition, the obligations of the institution or library in obtaining copyright releases and permissions for streaming distribution of scholarly proceedings and related content will also be discussed.

By Jerry McBride

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