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TOMORROW (June 20) Chalk Talk: SearchWorks!



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Who: All SUL and Coordinate Library staff
When: Thursday, June 20, 2:30 - 4 pm 
Where: Green Library, IC Classroom 

Come and hear the SearchWorks team and other folks discuss the theme of many new and useful features now found in SearchWorks: like such creatures as images and new collections. Learn how mistakes receive corrections. See something new: a search "date slider." Come hear reports from one insider about how SearchWorks work is done, and how a ref. librarian has used SearchWorks to answer queries from patrons in our great libraries.

This Talk will feature interactions, Q & A, and gut reactions among our SearchWorks workers, searchers: front-line folk who often nurture patrons in their quest for knowledge here at Leland Stanford's college.

Join these folk and add your voices; help the SearchWorks team make choices. Learn some new tricks to improve your use of something surely you've used many times. So come tomorrow: you'll find happiness, not sorrow!


Some folks found the Chalk Talk rhyme in last week's News a waste of time, both uninformative and silly: the work of some fool, willy-nilly writing verse that's just obscure. We admit: it's immature to do that sort of thing in the SUL News. It won't happen again.

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