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Marks of life well spent



The Stanford Daily reported on the Libraries’ partnership with the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore to offer more than 100,000 high resolution images of its medieval manuscripts. The images will be stored both at the Museum and in the Stanford Digital Repository, which will provide a backup in case of file corruption and give scholars new tools with which to analyze them.

In the article, Stanford librarian Ben Albritton and Professor of English Elaine Treharne were interviewed about the extent and importance of the Walters collection and how it will be used by the active community of medievalists at Stanford. William Noel, formerly curator of manuscripts at the Walters Art Museum, said of the manuscripts: “They’re pinnacles of human cultural achievement. They are the marks of life well spent. They are the responsibility of a civilized society to care for, and they make life worth living.”

Read the entire article, Stanford partners with museum to host medieval manuscripts online, by Liam Kinney.

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March 9, 2016