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HighWire debuts Folio eBooks product at Frankfurt Book Fair



Frankfurt, Germany

HighWire Press is pleased to announce the launch of Folio, its new eBooks product, showcasing the library release of the e-Duke Books Scholarly Collection at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Built on the HighWire Open Platform, Folio is a flexible ebook solution designed for publishers to rapidly bring their books online. Key components of the product include a publisher home page, an informative book landing page and a user-friendly e-reader view.

"With HighWire's Folio, Duke University Press brings our e-books and journals together in one platform, allowing readers to pursue related content more seamlessly," said Allison Belan, Assistant Director for Digital Publishing at Duke. "When fully launched in December 2013, it will be the premier site for searching, reading, and sharing Duke's humanities and social sciences books online."

Connecting readers to relevant content, Folio is designed to scale and grow as needed, ideal for publishers with a large backlist or those with several key titles. Features include responsive design for viewing on mobile devices and SEO-friendly URLs which include the book title.

"Our plan for ebooks plays to our strengths: providing publishers with sophisticated technology on the most highly discoverable platform in online publishing," said Tom Rump, HighWire's Managing Director. "Recognizing the integral ties between books and journals, the HighWire Open Platform, with the Folio offering, allows publishers to leverage their highly ranked journals and to open up new avenues for their book assets."

"HighWire has a long track record of reliability in hosting our journals. We look forward to our e-books benefitting from that same commitment to service and innovation," said Kimberly Steinle, Library Relations Manager.

"We're pleased that moving our e-books to HighWire will make them discoverable to anyone on the web and will eventually allow us to sell directly to consumers," noted Michael McCullough, Sales Manager at Duke University Press.

In the coming months, HighWire will continue to add features, content, and functionality to the Folio product. HighWire is actively developing features to leverage journal traffic to promote books through recommendations and provide integrated search results that return both book and journal content from one key term query, giving readers the convenience of searching one time and on one screen to find all relevant content offered by the publisher.

For a sneak preview of the e-Duke Books Scholarly Collection, please visit the HighWire and Duke stands at the Frankfurt Book Fair in Hall 4.2 K17&21.

(pdf version: FolioLaunch.pdf)

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