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Sharon Propas retirement and party



Sharon Propas

After 25 years of service, Sharon Propas is retiring from Stanford University Libraries. We will be sad to see her leave but happy that she will be able to pursue her many interests and hobbies and have time to just relax and enjoy life.

Sharon began her career at SUL in 1988 as Reference Librarian and Collection Coordinator for Meyer when it was still the Undergraduate Library, affectionately referred to as UGLI by Stanford students. In 1990, she joined the Acquisitions Department as the Head of Ordering and Gifts & Exchange. Since that time Sharon has had many different roles and responsibilities within the Acquisitions Department, always demonstrating her deep understanding of what it takes to build a world-class library collection and delivering the best quality of service. As the Gifts Librarian for our gifts-in-kind program, her work has enhanced our collections and fostered invaluable relationships through her sensitivity to the interests and concerns of our donors. Sharon will long be remembered by libraries and vendors throughout the world as the approval plan profiling guru.

During her years of service, Sharon has been a supportive and caring colleague to all of us in SUL and she will be greatly missed. Please join us to celebrate her career and to thank her for her many contributions.  


Sharon Propas Retirement Party

Monday, December 9, 2013

2-3:30 p.m.

SSRC Seminar Room, Bing Wing 121A

By Sue-Ellen Johnson

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