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Josh Schneider appointed Assistant University Archivist



Josh Schneider

The University Archives is pleased to announce that Josh Schneider will join us as Assistant University Archivist beginning January 6th. From 2005-2013, Josh served as Archivist for Institutional Records and Faculty Papers in the University Archives at the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley. In that position he was responsible for all aspects of University Archives workflow, including the arrangement and description of archival records and media, and the cataloging of campus serial publications. Josh received his MLIS from Simmons and a BA in Philosophy from Brown.

Josh brings a strong combination of experience and technical expertise. At Berkeley he was a member of Bancroft’s Digital Curation Task Force, a group that implemented library-wide policy and workflow changes to better manage the life cycle of born-digital materials. To support the task force’s charge, Josh organized a symposium for campus records managers that specifically addressed their born-digital records. The program included identification of good digital record-keeping practices, and discussion of the ways in which record creators can help to safeguard the authenticity and ensure the long-term accessibility of their records. He also served as the functional lead on a campus-wide records management proof-of-concept project, exploring the adoption of a campus records management suite that interfaces directly with the California Digital Library’s Merritt Repository to support long-term preservation.

Thanks go out to the search committee--Jonathan Manton, Rosalyn Metz, and Cynthia Ng--as well as colleagues throughout SUL and the University for their participation in this search.

Please join us in welcoming Josh to the farm.

By Daniel Hartwig

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