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Research methodologies class and extra-terrestrial construction



The moon

How does a library consult for a research methodologies class lead to the inspiration for a speech on extra-terrestrial construction? Last Fall, the Engineering Librarians were asked to consult on library resources and services for Prof. Levitt’s Research Methodologies class (CEE316) for the Sustainable Built Environment PhD program.

During my discussion with Henning Roedel, the TA for the class, I learned about his research on creating construction material for structures on the moon. This discussion inspired the topic of my invited speech at the 2014 Hunter Forum sponsored by Elsevier and held at ALA Midwinter. The video of my speech, Helen Josephine, Stanford University - The Hunter Forum has been posted on the Elsevier Library Connect website.

In addition to the in-class session during the Winter Term on research tools for CEE graduate students, the engineering librarians will be part of the discussion sessions and poster presentations Henning is organizing for the doctoral students in the Sustainable Built Environment program.  Henning’s research on using moon dust as a construction material will be presented in a paper submitted to the journal, Nature Materials.

Helen Josephine
Terman Engineering Library


By Helen Josephine

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