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Portland Press Ltd to move to the HighWire Open Platform




LONDON, UK & STANFORD, CA, USA - 7 April 2014 - - Portland Press Limited has signed an agreement to move its sector-leading journals, including the Biochemical Journal, Clinical Science and Bioscience Reports, to the HighWire Open Platform.

The new journal sites will see more than 10,000 pages of research published annually and a catalogue of papers dating back 100 years hosted on HighWire by mid-2015.

"After careful analysis, HighWire was identified as the best platform to take our journals forward," says Kate Baillie, Managing Director of Portland Press Ltd and Chief Executive of the Biochemical Society, the not-for-profit owner of Portland Press Ltd.

"HighWire is at the forefront of digital scholarly publishing, with many leading journals in the life sciences relying on its community-based strengths and its track record for innovation and technological support. Our new sites will benefit from this support and will allow us to deliver a modern platform for our readers, authors and subscribers. For our readers it will be easier to find, read, share and explore our authoritative catalogue of papers, while authors that publish with us will benefit from greater discoverability of their work."

Some of the benefits the HighWire Open Platform will provide include:

  • A flexible publishing platform designed to adapt to the latest advances in online publishing.
  • Support of key industry standards, such as CrossMark, FundRef, COUNTER and ORCID.
  • Improved article discoverability and integration with services such as Google Scholar, PubMed and Web of Science.
  • Inter-journal linking that will allow subscribers access to cited references and sources from other HighWire-hosted journal articles.

"Since the Biochemical Journal began over 100 years ago, Portland Press Ltd's publications have gone from strength-to-strength while adapting to technology changes," notes Tom Rump, Managing Director of HighWire. "Moving their online content to HighWire is a natural evolution for the company, taking advantage of our cutting-edge technology in a fast-changing world."

The agreement will see all journals published by Portland Press Ltd move to HighWire by mid-2015, including the Biochemical Journal, Biochemical Society Transactions, Bioscience Reports and Clinical Science.

Ms. Baillie says the agreement will also benefit clients of Portland Customer Services, a division of Portland Press Ltd. Under the agreement, Portland Customer Services can provide its clients hosting services, as part of the range of membership, fulfillment and support services they offer to learned societies, professional associations and the publishing industry.

"With our publishing expertise and HighWire's feature-rich platform, this agreement will allow us to deliver even better journal services to learned societies and publishers. The surplus from the sale of our publications and services are returned to the global scientific community via the activity of the Biochemical Society," says Ms Baillie.


For further information please visit us at the London Book Fair: the Biochemical Society/Portland Press (Stand N415) and HighWire (Stand M503), or contact the following:

Alastair Stewart
Communications and Press Manager
Biochemical Society/Portland Press
+44 (0)20 7685 2401

Bonnie Zavon
Public Relations
HighWire | Stanford University
+1 650 723-0522

Portland Press Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Biochemical Society, is an innovative publisher of journals, books and electronic resources in the biochemical, cellular and molecular life sciences. The surplus from the sale of publications is returned to the global scientific community via the activity of the Biochemical Society.

The Biochemical Society promotes the advancement of the molecular biosciences, representing the interests of all those working in the sector. The Biochemical Society is the largest discipline-based learned society in the biosciences with more than 6,600 members.

Portland Customer Services is a division of Portland Press Ltd, which provides journal subscriptions management, membership fulfilment, association management, conference and event planning, and web and journal hosting services to external clients.

HighWire Press provides innovative technology solutions to influential societies, university presses, and independent publishers through its ground-breaking HighWire Open Platform. Long affiliated with Stanford University, HighWire offers digital content development and hosting services, a customizable peer-review manuscript submission system, cross-publisher librarian tools, strategic consultation, and unique networking opportunities for organizations which produce high-impact journals, books, and other scholarly publications. | Twitter: @highwirepress

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