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Lathrop Library update



Photo of Lathrop Library

The moves from Meyer into Lathrop Library are in full swing, and the whole SUL Facilities team is working hard to make the transition as smooth as possible.  Here are some things you should know about the process, and answers to some common questions. 

  • The public Grand Opening for Lathrop Library is planned for the week of September 15th.  There will be several events, including a ribbon cutting and a staff reception.  Details will follow as plans are confirmed.
  • The opening of the building for SUL staff will begin the week before, on September 10th.
  • Prior to the opening on September 10th, access to the building will be limited, in order to maintain building security.  If you have a business need for access to Lathrop, please contact Facilities.
  • The Green South Stacks have been closed to allow for the movement of collections out of Meyer and, because of that, there is no access between Green and Meyer through the basement area.  The South Stacks will not reopen, as they are actually part of Meyer, and thus slated for demolition.
  • Furniture in Meyer is Stanford property, and is part of our campus-wide inventory.  Plans are in place to redeploy furniture that is not moved out of Meyer, either within SUL or elsewhere on campus.  Those redeployments will take place after move-out is complete.  In the meantime, staff should be aware that it is not permitted to remove furniture from areas that have been or are being vacated.  If you have a request for redeployment of specific furniture, please contact Facilities.
  • We are developing scheduling procedures for the conference rooms in Lathrop, and have established an email list to send requests:  AV installation is still underway in some conference rooms, and use of the space will be limited until the building is fully open in September.  

If you have questions or concerns about any other aspect of the Lathrop move, please contact the Facilities team. 


By Mimi Calter

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March 9, 2016