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ACS Dev Team Welcome!



Dear SUL Colleagues,

On July 21, 2014, Alex Schorsch started a new role within ACS as the full-stack software developer, and Mike Queisser started a new role within ACS as the Systems Administrator.  Some of you may recall that the ACS software development team has been mostly vacant since mid-2013, and it has been completely vacant of its three positions since February 2014. 

Alex brings us experience from the startup world, from countless hours in personal learning and projects, and from building his own gymnastics website.  He is bringing a great amount of passion and excitement for building software to help make our work more efficient and productive, and he has shown us some of what we can look forward to with his work on Possum and SUL-MOIRA, which is a very promising analytics tool for our imaging infrastructure.  Mike brings to us experience from his time as a Systems Administrator at the University of Washington, from his role as the ACS Technical Systems Architect, and from his time as our “emergency” Systems Administrator for ACS over the past year.  Mike is excited to be able to start contributing in our ACS and CIDR efforts.

Given our very busy summer with the Lathrop move and the preparation for the Fall quarter, both Alex and Mike have graciously agreed to continue some of their roles within the ACS Technical Systems team, while transitioning into their new roles within the Software Development team. Each has contributed in a great manner during their years within the Technical Systems team creating, maintaining, and supporting our public and staff computer images all across the campus.

Both Alex and Mike will also be actively helping with the search for a new generation of SUL colleagues within Technical Systems team.  The search will begin very soon.

Please join me in congratulating Alex and Mike in their new roles.  They will both be located in the staff area on the first floor of Lathrop. 


Orlando Leon
Head of Operations
Academic Computing Services


By Orlando Leon

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